Who We Are

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WomanPreach! Inc. is committed to training preachers who often emerge from churches, academic institutions, and other spaces that are inhospitable to their vocation and their voice. We provide intimate, practical training and nurturing community spaces that empower preachers. Our programming began as a way to train women, and has since grown to include programming for people of all genders (Sophie’s Table) and speakers that serve as community organizers and in various other vocational spaces where faith-based, justice centered proclamation is necessary. WomanPreach! Inc. acknowledges the socio-political, cultural, and religious context out of which preachers and witnessers of the Gospel come and welcomes attendees regardless of age, sexual orientation, gender, class, ethnicity, race, or denominational affiliation.

We are a “movable feast.” We partner with organizations, churches, seminaries, and universities to bring our Preaching Intensives to cities around the country. WomanPreach! Inc. is also proud to lead workshops and sessions at conferences and programming hosted by some of our amazing partners.

See the Our Story section to learn more about our origins and inception.